Usability and ADA Testing

Web sites can look great and be very frustrating to use, for a variety of reasons.

We have made a careful study of usability, international web site standards and ADA compliance for web sites.  But, testing with automated tools can only tell you so much.  

You want your site visitors to feel good about their time on your site, so they will want to come back and refer others. 

We provide human testing of web sites along with automated tools to test the following areas:

  • general usability - is it easy for your target audience to accomplish the things you want them to on your web site?
  • ADA compliance - does your site meet Section 508 standards for accessibility? (which means seniors, color-blind, those that can not see, etc)
  • ADA/user- friendly - in addition to being basically usable, is your site welcoming and friendly to all audiences that you wish to reach?
  • speed - is your web site fast-loading?
  • mobile - is your site designed to work well on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones?
  • SEO - is your web site friendly to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others?
  • browser -friendly - does your site work well on PCs and Macs, on IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari (which versions of each)?

We provide these testing services for any web site, no matter where it's hosted or who created it.

More Information:

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