Updating Service

Your web site could be doing more for you.  More contacts and more sales, better SEO.

But, you and your staff are busy running your business - talking with customers and suppliers, taking care of things on site.

Keeping the web site updated seems to fall through the cracks.


VoyageurWeb's Updating Service is the answer.

We will monitor the media, check in with your staff twice a month to get any news and gather photos/video and, with your approval, we will add that information to your web site and/or social media (Facebook, blog, Twitter, etc) for you.  We do work on web sites that we have not created and sites that we don't host.

If there is no big news, we'll do the following types of things during that twice-a-month checkup. There should always be a little bit of forward motion happening with your site and online presence.

  • help find photos, prep photos (resizing, color correction, cropping) and add them to your site
  • within a limited area, (30 mns of Mankato), we'll come and take photos or pick up and scan photos you have in print form
  • update/edit text to make it flow better or clean up grammar/spelling or layout
  • add SEO keywords to existing pages
  • check and update your online presence on sites like Google, Bing, Yahoo, GPS sites, etc.

If you lose 10 potential customers a day due to out-of-date information on your site and each customer is worth just $5 to you in profit, that's $12,500 per year in lost profit!  The Twice-a-Month Updating Service from VoyageurWeb costs $1800.   If you'd prefer, we offer a once-a-month option for $925 as well.

Twice a month, one of our staff will work on your site. You won't need to check in or ask, it will be taken care of.

How do you know if you are getting any value for that spending?

We will review the current situation before we start.  We'll set a baseline.  How are things going now?

Each quarter, we will check to see if things are moving in the right direction with our efforts and will report in to you.

A great side benefit of this type of regular updating, that we have seen, is a boost in presence (higher page rankings) on sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing. (improved SEO)


Action:  Contact us at 507-344-2280 or email sales@voyageurweb.com