Updating web sites

Let Us Take Care Of Your Web Site For You

An out-of-date web site isn't helping your organization.  Fnding the time to keep a web site updated isn't always easy.

VoyageurWeb staff work with web sites every day, so we can update your site efficiently and expertly and save you money at the same time.

Instead of one staff person on your staff (with associated costs), you get a full team of experts that work on web sites every day that can help with updates you need.  And we maintain documentation of all changes done, diagrams, instructions and other site information so it's available should it be needed in the future.

We do Facebook posts, upload YouTube videos or other social media updates.

Learn about our Twice-a-Month Updating Service.

meeting to discuss clients needs and goals.

How does this work?

Pre-paid labor contracts make it simple and less expensive to have us take care of your updates for you.  These contracts (we call them "retainers") provide you with time "in the bank" that you can use whenever and however you choose. Retainers are good for 5 years and work done on them is billed by the minute so they are a great value.  As an example, a 24 hour retainer contract, on average, saves our clients $30 per hour over hourly billing for the same work.

Email, call or mail a packet of changes to us and we'll get right to work, We bill the time on the contract and email you when the work is completed. When your contract hours get low, we'll notify you and give you a report of all tasks done and time spent on each one.

ACTION: Email sales@voyageurweb.com or phone 507-344-2280