Sell Products or Services Online

Create the E-commerce website you need

Let us guide you through the process to create the perfect E-commerce website for your business.  To start out, please answer the following short set of questions, and someone will contact you very soon!


Size of the Store

The first area we want to get a feel for, is how big your E-commerce store will be. 

Products are often grouped into categories to help users find what they are looking for faster, or to group products of like kind.

Many sites take the previous step even further, with subcategories under product categories. An example of this might be a clothing store that has parent categories of "Shirts" and "Pants", and then subcategories under "Shirts", such as "T-shirts" and "Long Sleeve Shirts".

Delivering Products to Your Customers

One of the big decisions that you face when selling your products online, is how you will ship your products, who you will ship them to, and how much that will cost. Below we will ask you some questions about how you'd like to handle shipping.

Some products sold online are not even shippable. For example, digital downloads or event registrations may simply require collecting payment, but not that any physical products be shipped. Many products are shippable though.

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please answer a the following question.  Otherwise, you may continue on to the next page.

Please check all that apply.

Check all that apply.


If your products or services are taxable, there are decisions to make about how much tax to charge and when.

If you answered "Yes" to the above question, please answer the questions below about taxation of products or services.  If you answer, "No", please continue on to the next page.

Some of our customers charge a flat state sales tax rate for orders being shipped to that state, while others want to make sure that all orders are charged the exact current city/county/state taxes. In that case, we use a service like AvaTax


There are many ways to accept payment for your goods and services.  Please help us get a feel for what you would like by answering the questions below.

Check all that apply.

Keep the entire transaction on the site, customer checks out and pays on the site. You manage payments/orders on your site. This requires purchase of an SSL certificate and PCI compliance scanning (an additional yearly expense of $270). OR redirect the customer to checkout on PayPal (or another third party site. (security is managed on that site) You manage payments/orders on the third party site.

Check any that you are open to try.

What Else Do We Need to Know?

Can you think of anything else important you should tell us about your E-commerce store?  Here are some examples:

  • I want to offer discounts to different levels of customers.
  • I want to offer coupon codes available for customers during promotional times.
  • I want to integrate with another piece of software, like an internal accounting system.
  • I definitely want [Drupal, WordPress, etc.] as my CMS software.

Please enter anything like this in the Questions/Comments box below.