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Web site promotion and SEOHelping Your Web Site Be Found

Getting the Word Out!

Web site promotion takes time and money beyond the building of the site. Just like launching a new store or product, it's important to invest some resources and time in telling people about your web site.

Tips Anyone Can Do To Promote Web Site Visits

  • put your web site address on your business cards, letterhead, everything you print
  • put your web site address on promotional materials to give away at trade shows and to clients as thank yous
  • include your web site address in advertising - magazines, radio, tv, billboards
  • tie the web site to other promotional events or items. Example: on a radio ad tell them to go the web site to print a coupon that they can bring to the trade show or store and redeem for 10% off (3 media reinforcing your brand and message) Example: on the web site promote your next trade show and give a map of the show pointing out the booth location, have them get a code from the web site that they can input at the booth for a chance to win a prize. If they win or lose, give them a code they can use on your web site to get a discount on a purchase or print a coupon they can take to the store.
  • consider direct mail campaigns promoting your new web site if you have a solid mailing list of current customers or potential customers
  • signage at your location with your web site address on it
  • small promotional item or simple business card sized card put into each package as you ship, deliver or hand over product - inviting them to visit your web site


We offer the following web site promotion and SEO services.

We can provide these services to web sites hosted with us or elsewhere.

  • keyword, keyphrase suggestions - basic or in-depth research
  • pages coded with keywords and phrases in the places that matter most
  • a link to your new site from our portfolio and posting on our Facebook page
  • claiming and enhancing of your free listings on search and directory sites
  • social media - update your Facebook, Twitter or blog sites for you (you provide info, we do write up and post with images/videos)
  • competitor analysis - what are others in your industry doing?
  • link request work - contacting other sites to request they link to your site (link building)
  • search marketing campaign monitoring and updating (ad campaigns on Google, Yahoo, etc.)
  • banner ad creation - to be used on other sites to link to your site
  • submission of your site for web design/programming awards (if it is innovative)
  • viral marketing- regular reading and posting to blog sites on your behalf - following good rules of conduct
  • email marketing - set up and maintenance of an email mailing list, creation of email templates, composition of emails
  • general consulting - suggestions for promoting your site in other media and online

Examples of our site promotion and search engine optimization work

Site promotion

Go to and search for "new windows" - you'll find our client in organic or Ad results

Go to and search for "minnesota winery red" - you'll find our client

Go to and search for "morgan creek vineyards" - click on More Info next to the one in New Ulm, MN and you'll see that their map pin is in the correct location (it was off by over 2 miles before we fixed it) and that they have lots of detailed information and photos right there in the Google map area.
Go to wikipedia and search for morgan creek vineyards, and you'll see that there is one for Alabama and one for Minnesota. When we started our work, the only listing was for the one in Alabama. We added and wrote the page for the Minnesota one.


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