Mobile friendly web sites

What does it mean to be "mobile-friendly"?

The basic idea is that your site will work well for the people that use the site while on their smartphone or tablets (versus their desktop/laptop).

What's the problem? Why wouldn't my site be "friendly"?

There are three main differences between desktop/laptop and phone/tablet use.

  1. Desktop and laptop computer monitors are usually horizontal while mobile devices (esp. phones) are used in a vertical position.
  2. Desktop/laptop screens are larger (1000 pixels wide on average versus 320 pixels wide on average for phones).
  3. Mobile users are many times on slower connections (wireless/remote/using phone instead of wifi, etc) and sometimes have charges for the amount of data downloaded.

Older sites, built before mobile use was as widespread as it is today, are often not mobile-ready.  (and this was just a very few years ago!)

You can view them and use them on a phone or tablet (usually), but everything is very small and you have to zoom-in and scroll left and right to see things. Some actions may not work at all.


Making a site mobile-friendly, especially doing it well, requires thought and planning.

VoyageurWeb offers two types of mobile-friendly sites, mobile web app and responsive.  The choice to determine which is best for your site involves a number of factors.  Our staff will visit with you and will give you a recommendation and answer questions.

Read more about responsive sites and see examples that VoyageurWeb has created.


Mobile web app sites can have a very different look than the desktop/laptop site.  They can use images instead of words as links to navigate the site.

They many times have an m. as part of the address.  (though we make sure that if coming from a phone and using www, it takes them to the m. version)

This site,, has a mobile web app version at  Below are screenshots from and

CAPRO desktop