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Interactive Web Site Features

Robust, maintainable and user-friendly code helps achieve your long-term goals.


Our programmers can add many different interactive elements to your web site.  Your project manager, will make sure that these elements work smoothly for your site visitors.  Following is a list of just a few possibilities for you to consider.

  • E-Commerce to sell products or services securely
  • Mobile web apps and Responsive mobile sites
  • Special image/photo displays (for example, automatic changing of images to match a date, or images you click on that pop up a larger image or text)
  • Animated slideshows (with images, text and links you can change yourself)
  • Photo galleries (with a pop up large version of the images)
  • Events Calendars (with our without event registration capability)
  • Lead generation forms (fill-in forms)
  • Job application formsDave, a web site programmer, with 3 monitors
  • Work request or appointment set up fill in forms
  • File Sharing (within or outside your organization - securely)
  • Content Management Systems (set up and customization) - we specialize in WordPress and Drupal
  • Automated site updating (on a preset date have selected information change)
  • Blogging, Forums and other tools to carry on conversations with your site visitors
  • Search box on your site customized to search the things you want included
  • Smart 404 (Page Not Found) pages that look like the rest of your site AND have a search function built in
  • Protect Information with passwords, SSL (https) and/or encrypted emails

Techie stuff: We program primarily in PHP, a scripting language that is widely-used on the Internet. We code routinely using PostgreSQl, MySQL, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript and Flash.  We are always interested in custom programming projects, contact us to talk over your project.

ACTION: Email or phone 507-345-8500.