A Home For Your Web Site On The Internet

Secure, reliable, fast - when you host your web site with Internet Connections, you don't have to worry.


Why Host With Internet Connections?

  • Proactive and Experienced Support: We've been hosting web sites for over 24 years.
  • Well-maintained Linux servers running PHP with PostgreSQL and MySQL databases
  • Customized to your needs: We manage our own servers - which means we can customize settings and organize things to best serve your needs.
  • Secure/reliable: Our servers are housed at a SAS70 certified facility in the Twin Cities. SAS70 = very high standards for security and reliability.
  • Change your own FTP password and manage emails with our customer portal.  Our customer portal is available to all hosting customers. Using the portal, you can change your site FTP password, add, change or remove emails or set up email forwarding.
  • Customized backups - if you accidentally delete something on your site, we can bring back one file or the entire site.  This isn't something the national hosting firms can do for you!
  • Drupal and WordPress software updates - this is something VERY few other hosts do - we will update your Drupal or WordPress site base software and plug-ins/modules to keep your site secure and reliable.  Most national hosts do not update your site software - leaving that up to you. 
  • Virus scanning - every week every site on our server is scanned for viruses - if any are found, they are immediately quarantined and we address the issue, helping you clean up your site


Standard hosting accounts include the following:

  • 20Gig of file space (most web sites need less than a 10th of that)
  • up to 4 different web site addresses
  • web site statistics
  • client portal access

Additional site space is very easy to add.

More Information:

ACTION: Email or phone 507-344-2280