FTP only Hosting

Email was not designed for moving large files and sending large images or video via email can create technical problems for you, your recipient and Internet Service providers in between.  VoyageurWeb has several File Exchange options for you to add to your web site. Our programming allows you to get and provide larger files without sending them via email (or on CDs).

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Options:

All FTP sites have the same ongoing, hosting fee, based on how much space you'd like. They vary in set up fee base on the features desired.

1. Plain FTP - no web interface, access for upload and download with FTP programs like FireFTP, FileZilla and other FTP programs. Both you and the other party share one username and password or we set up X number of usernames/passwords for you. You need to contact VWeb to add/edit or remove usernames/passwords.
Setup: $50  Ongoing fee varies depending on the space you need.

2. FTPXplorer - web interface for upload and download (no other software needed) Web page (passworded) for you to be able to set up and remove usernames/passwords and folders for individual clients/staff. Each person can only see their own FTP area. Users can upload files to your space for you to retrieve also.
Setup: $500 Ongoing fee varies depending on the space you need.


Here's how FTPXplorer looks:

extplorer login screen

Menu bar (as you move your mouse over each one, tips pop up)

extplorer menu bar look


And when you are uploading files, this is the dialog box you will see.  You can upload 7 files at a time.

extplorer uploading files screenshot