Your Web Site Address

Your domain name is VITAL. It is the basis for your web site address and, many times, for your email address(-es) as well.

Internet Connections will help get and maintain control of your name. Through good record keeping we make sure it does not expire and possibly fall into someone else's hands.

We will assist our clients with domain name questions anytime at no charge. The services below are part of what we call Domain Management. Domain Management is included free with any new sites hosted with I.C..

Domain Management:

  • Register new domain names for you
  • Renew your domain name for you each year and invoice you.
  • Keep a record of your expiration date and once a year will check the contact information and update it if needed.
  • If you have multiple domain names, VoyageurWeb will group them efficiently and make sure that the contact information is consistent and updated.

Delete any domain name junk emails you get. We'll notify you if something important is coming in your email box.

If you have a domain name and do not have the ability to update it (no username and password), VoyageurWeb can, in many cases, assist you to get your username and reset your password - regaining control of your name.

More information:

ACTION: Email or phone 507-344-2280