About Us

Who We Are And How We Do Our Jobs ARE Connected.

VoyageurWeb Staff Photo

VoyageurWeb has been creating, hosting and updating web sites for cities, counties, non-profit organizations, large and small businesses since 1994.

Our experience, plus a strong desire to create web sites that achieve goals, has resulted in clean-looking web sites that work.  We professionally document and maintain.  We provide mobile-friendly responsive design.  We pride ourselves on accessible websites - compliant with ADA and International standards.  We create secure E-Commerce sites and do Search Engine (SEO) and site promotion (Facebook).

And most importantly, we are responsive and helpful when you call or email us.

Each person on our staff cares about our customers and sincerely wants to do their best to help them reach their goals.

Each of us is involved in the community in some way beyond our work - as volunteers, committee members and board members. So, we are thinking about how our work can help the larger community and we'll suggest ideas to link one customer to others if it makes sense. Several of our staff have owned their own businesses in the past, so they understand what the challenges are for small business owners.  And several have worked in large corporations too, so we understand those challenges and opportunities as well. 

We believe in good work-life balance and a healthy working environment.  Healthy, rested staff are able to be creative and thoughtful in the work they do - and therefore make better decisions on your behalf.

Whether you are looking for someone to help design and create your web site, a place to host your existing site or for some help keeping your site up to date - you've found the right place.