design & animation

Design and Animation

Design - More than just a pretty face

Your web site's appearance is a reflection of you, your style and your business.  

Users click on a website and interact with it.  Design is much more than just colors and pretty pictures - strong design pleases the eye and helps the user to find the information they want (and the actions you want them to take).


Be Hot with Great Graphic Design

VoyageurWeb's team will make sure your web site is attractive and rewarding to stay and explore.  Jesse and Chad planning the layout of a site

We specialize in Drupal, WordPress and Dreamweaver custom designed themes and templates.

Samples of our design work:


Be Mobile with Flexible Design

Your site needs to look sharp on desktops, mobile devices and tablets. VoyageurWeb has this landscape covered.

Our staff will help you select a solution that is either responsive (automatically resizes to fit the device) or a mobile web app (icon-based like phone apps).

Be Fun with Animation

Animations catch the eye and convey more information in less space. Animation is a great way to liven up a logo or quickly explain your services.

VoyageurWeb creates animations that will work on mobile devices.


Email or phone 507-344-2280 to talk about a new look or animation for your web site.